Intelligent TRIZ


Ph.D. student: Wei Yan (LGECO & ICUBE)

Ph.D. thesis: Knowledge Modelling for Inventive Design

Directors: Denis Cavallucci (LGECO), Pierre Collet (ICUBE)

Assistant Supervisor: Cecilia Zanni-Merk (ICUBE)


The main objective is the formalization of set of knowledge bases of TRIZ (Theory for Inventive Problem Solving), to make it coherent and complete, by establishing and defining the missing links among them.

With the development of TRIZ, there are different knowledge sources used for solving inventive design problems. These  sources (for the moment they are described in natural language) are about similar notions, but the level of detail of their description is very different. It is needed, therefore, to formalize these knowledge sources and to make the links among them explicit.

Formalizing the inventive design process based on ontologies is a good approach, and using the ontology matching approaches available to solve the specific matching problems in inventive design ontologies is worth to be examined.

This formalization would permit the development of an “intelligent” manager of this knowledge, with the goal to assist the TRIZ expert in his using. The knowledge manager to develop should propose to the expert the use of the relevant knowledge sources according to the level of abstraction of the model which he is building. The manager should also be able to “automatically” fill in the other models, by exploiting the obtained links among the different knowledge bases.


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