Agile'TRIZ: Agile Framework for TRIZ

Agile'TRIZ is dealing with the development of an Agile framework intended for enhancing the innovation skills of the product designers and to facilitate the application of the TRIZ tools for developing new products.


  • Dr. Didier Casner, project manager
  • Dr. Achille Souili, project manager
  • Dr. Rémy Houssin, senior lecturer


Nowadays, the competitive industrial context implies that R&D should be able to quickly identify the needs of the customers and provide a new innovative product that fits that needs.

Applying TRIZ for analyzing the initial situation, solving the existing contradictions and going through the development of new innovative products can often be difficult, time-consuming and it strongly depends on the level of completeness of the problem and the experience of the TRIZ solver. The designers should spend a lot of time to analyze the problem and identify the contradictions, and then have difficulties to develop innovative concepts and propose possible technical implementations for each contradiction and to combine these concepts or technical solutions under the form of an homogeneous product that solves the inventive problem.

Initially developed as a software development process, the Agile methodology is nowadays commonly used in the industry and allows the R&D teams to efficiently develop new products toward an iterative, incremental and adaptive development cycle. It allows to rapidly provide a first technical solution and breaks the product development work into small increments that minimize the amount of up-front planning and design.

The project is dealing with the development of the Agile’TRIZ framework. This framework is intended for enhancing of the innovative skills and the efficiency of the designers towards the integration of TRIZ through an Agile framework. It will provide an efficient approach for quickly analyzing a problem and rapidly developing new innovative solutions using the TRIZ tools and get a quick feedback of the solution.


In order to develop the Agile'TRIZ framework, the following tasks will be performed:

  1. Analysis of the advantages and the drawbakcs of the TRIZ and Agile approaches.
  2. Development of the Agile'TRIZ framework
  3. Development of new Agile-compatible TRIZ tools.
  4. Test and evaluation of the Agile'TRIZ framework on case-studies.
  5. Development of a training course for Agile'TRIZ for teaching the methodology.
  6. Development of a software platform to guide the designer throughall the Agile'TRIZ framework

The development of the framework will itself use the Agile development methodology in order to quickly get a first version of Agile'TRIZ and get a first feedback. The Agile approach will also allow to rapidly test the framework with tsome students of INSA Strasbourg and provide suggestions on how we may improve the framework.

Evaluation criteria

The following criteria will be considered for evaluating our framework:

  • Ease of use of the framework
  • Efficiency of the framework for developing inventive products:
    • from user requirement to first prototype (with TRIZ tools)
    • from user requirement to final product (after N iterations)
  • Interoperability between TRIZ and the other tools (Case-Based Reasoning, ...)


  • February 2018 - Project start
  • April 2018 - First alpha version of the framework. Draft version of conference paper (TFC2018)
  • July 2018 - Alpha release of the Agile'TRIZ Framework. Final version of conference paper
  • September 2018 - Private beta release of the Agile'TRIZ Framework. Test and evaluation with INSA students.
  • January 2019 - Public beta release of the Agile'TRIZ Framework.
  • 2020 - Public training course / Software

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